• Sensooda

    Advanced Sensing Technology for Industrial IoT

  • Value

    Detect severe corrosion, corrosion under insulation and crack damage on critical structures before they fail. Lower maintenance and inspection costs and maximize uptime with increased safety.

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    Lower Maintenance Cost

    Efficient solutions

    Reduce the frequency of scheduled inspections by personnel; increase asset availability & productivity; and reduce maintenance cost. Potential to lower inspection costs by 30-90%.

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    Increase Safety

    Enhanced risk management

    More accurate and timely information can help manage safety, reduce risk and identify potential problems early.

  • Solutions

    Structural health applications for a wide range of industries.

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    Structural health is critical to aircraft safety.

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    Oil & Gas

    Tanks, piping, pipelines, drilling rigs, ships, offshore platforms and other applications where structural integrity is important, and inspection is costly.

  • Technology

    Our technology is based on advanced ultrasonic transducer research from Georgia Tech and has numerous advantages over similar systems.

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    Detect, localize and characterize damage

    More information for better decisions

    Our sensor technology has inherent directional capabilities that allow it to not only detect, but also localize and characterize damage.

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    Advanced Technology

    An elegant solution

    This technology dramatically lowers the hardware and signal processing complexity of comparable systems. This means lower hardware and software requirements and smaller footprint.

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